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Gambero Rosso (gastronomic guide)

«Excellent characteristics of the Sforzato San Domenico 2003; demonstrating that patience is rewarded, and in this case, too, longer ageing improves quality.

So, Tre Bicchieri (the three glasses prize) for an elegant and typical, intense and complex red. Integral aromas, with fruity and floral sensations and a hint of the Mediterranean. On the palate, it is full-bodied and balanced, with various components that harmoniously complement each other.

The Prestigio 2003 was very good; intense aromas, clean, fruity nose with notes of medicinal herbs. The pleasant, integral taste is distinctive, caressing, with a long finish. A classic example of the region is the Riserva La Gatta 2002, with its rich and fruity nose that is full-bodied on the palate, dense tannins and long-lasting finish. Fruity aromas with vegetal shades characterise the La Gatta 2004, a wine with a balanced flavour, well-sustained by the acidity of the long finish. The Sassella 2004, with its floral and red fruit aromas, has a strong, pleasant, pulpy flavour, with a fresh, coherent finish.»

Fratelli Triacca 1897

ziu geni Eugenio Triacca, 1902-1981

1897: our family business was established. Effort, consistency and a large measure of self-sacrifice are indispensable, as are our many loyal customers along the way.


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