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La Gatta

Traditional Valtellina lunch

Pizzoccheri, cold cuts and cheeses paired with wines from our estate 




La Gatta Estate
Via Gatta 33
I - 23030 Bianzone (SO)
T +39 0342 720 004
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Please book in advance:
Fratelli Triacca
CH - 7748 Campascio-Zalende
T +41 81 846 51 06
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Come and see Us

La Gatta, a splendid destination for discovering the wines and flavours of Valtellina:
for associations, companies, groups and individual visitors

We welcome you to La Gatta estate and will guide you on a walking tour of the vineyards and the cellar.

The visits are very informative about the vineyards and the wine-making process. At the end you can sample our wines. We offer a typical but special set menu of selected cold meats, hand-made pasta called pizzoccheri, local cheeses, traditional desserts and coffee. All this comes at a fair price, including a unique experience, full of pleasurable discoveries in the marvellous world of Triacca wines.

Visiting La Gatta:

All year round, excluding public holidays, there are group tours accompanied by one of our guides for a minimum of 10 people. Please book in advance.

During the opening times shown below, La Gatta is open for visits including wine tasting by individuals, couples or small groups.

Opening times
April - October:
Wednesday - Saturday   10.30 am - 6.30 pm
Sunday 10.30 am - 4.30 pm
The other days open only by reservation.


Tenuta La Gatta
Via Gatta 33
I-23030 Bianzone (SO)

T +39 0342 72 00 04 - +39 0342 70 13 52 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(remember to dial the zero after the country code)

Orders within Switzerland
Fratelli Triacca
CH-7748 Campascio GR

T +41 81 846 51 06 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

La Gatta Team

La Gatta estate is a magnificent place to get together. Whether in the vineyard, old monastery or simply in the yard, bathed in sunshine, you'll get to know some of the people who daily welcome groups of visitors or individuals who are passionate about fine wine. Come and we'll show you.

We're looking forward to seeing and welcoming you.


Sonia Savio Sales and marketing

Ivana Valbuzzi

Graziano Rossi

Giorgio Pola

Tours and tasting


Tania Bettinelli Administration and accounts
Giuliano Molinari Logistics
Mario Tognini Cellarman

Visit La Gatta

Welcome to La Gatta

When you arrive in Valtellina, approaching Bianzone, and you turn your gaze towards the sun-kissed vineyards, you can't help noticing the splendid grange.

La Gatta, built in 1500, was converted from an old Dominican monastery offering pilgrims a place to stay into a place of pilgrimage for lovers of Valtellina wines. You can spend many a happy hour in close contact with all aspects of this Valtellina winery: strolling through the vineyards, touring the original cellar and discovering the elegance of the Nebbiolo grape by tasting Triacca wine.

We wish you an enjoyable and interesting visit!

Vineyard walk

Valtellina vineyards clamber up the steep slopes of the Rhaetian Alps, supported by innumerable dry stone walls, built stone upon stone with great effort and ingenuity. These terraces offer improved exposure to the sun for optimal ripening of the grapes. A short walk, shown in orange, and a longer one, violet, will guide you between the rows of our Nebbiolo vineyard so you can experience mountain viticulture at first hand.

Cellar tour

Wines made from the Nebbiolo grape are rich in tannins and polyphenols, contributing to a long shelf-life. As young wines, they taste fresh and very fruity. Having been sufficiently cask and bottle aged, they acquire the desired maturity and elegance. Constructed in the sixteenth century, the conditions in the cellars of our former monastery provide an ideal and authentic ambience for ageing.


After your stroll among the vines and the cellar tour you can sample the local wines in our attractive tasting room, savouring reds and whites. You'll find out a lot of interesting information about the winemaking process but not only that: at La Gatta you'll have the opportunity to taste the excellent wines from our other, Tuscan, estates.

Outdoor lounge

Our al fresco lounge offers a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside, which you can enjoy from the soothing ambience of the old monastery as you savour a delicious glass of wine. It is inviting to pass the time in convivial contentment in this lovely corner of the estate.
With the addition of a selection of locally produced cold meats and cheeses, your visit to La Gatta will leave your tastebuds ringing and indelible memories.

The private church

The emblem of this old edifice is the church bell tower, whose Christian symbol reminds us of the faith practised by the original residents. For a hundred years or so, Dominican monks lived and worked here. In addition to praying, they took steps to ensure the land flourished and, helped by being well-exposed to the sun, the grapevines thrived too. The old cellars bear witness to the significant consumption of Bacchus' nectar even in those days.

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